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Rayz Rally Pro


A portable speaker that turns your smartphone into a mobile conferencing device for Google Meet.

Core Features

  • Works with any voice and video app
  • It is a loud speaker
  • It is a powerful microphone
  • It is a rapid phone charger
  • It is a phone stand for video calls
  • It is customizable with iOS Android App
  • Designed in the US and Japan


Model Connection


Lightning Audio / Bluetooth / USB Audio (cable)

Google Pixel

USB Audio / Bluetooth / USB Audio (cable)

iPad & Other Tablets

Bluetooth / USB Audio (cable)

Macbook & Other Laptops

Bluetooth / USB Audio (cable)

Desktop Computers

Bluetooth / USB Audio (cable)

*Check your device’s manual for support as Android USB Audio implementation varies between manufacturers.Additional devices may be compatible. Please contact Rayz supportfor more information:

Shipping and Returns

All Rayz products are backed by a hassle-free 1 year warranty and includes free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.


Finely tuned, to be loud. We custom designed the speaker driver for performance. Keeping portability as a priority, we couldn't just use a larger speaker to be loud we had to do more. Rayz Rally Pro deploys dynamic tuning profiles to highlight the most important part of your content - whether you are listening to a call, music, videos or podcasts.


Rayz Rally Pro uses advanced microphone technology and voice processing so you sound great in any environment. A powerful omni-directional microphone, echo cancellation, noise suppression and gain control all work in concert so that your voice sounds clear and natural in any call.


Always be charging. Rayz Rally Pro puts charging and battery life at the forefront of every experience. Connect your phone and charge from the Rayz Rally Pro sizable internal battery. Plug Rally Pro into power, and rapid pass-thru charge your phone (up to 20 watts). But that's not all - your phone can also provide reverse power to Rally Pro.

Phone Stand

Connect your phone to Rayz Rally Pro and always be video ready. Or simply use it as another screen at your desk to manage your calendar, messages and more. Need to use your wireless headphones for privacy? You can do that too - leave your Rayz Rally Pro connected and simply choose the headphones for audio output on your phone.