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Our Collab with Google

Appcessori debuts Rayz Rally™ Pro, Designed for Google Meet

A portable speaker that instantly turns your smartphone into a mobile conferencing device for Google Meet.

Vancouver, Washington – September 8, 2021 –  Appcessori Corporation today introduces Rayz Rally Pro, which combines a powerful, portable audio device with an app to deliver exceptional mobile video conferencing experiences. Designed specifically for Google Meet, the Rayz Rally Pro will automatically launch Google Meet as the preferred conferencing app. The combination of Google Meet on the Rayz Rally Pro offers an ideal conferencing solution for road warriors or work-from-home professionals looking for a quick and high-quality way to change their environments while on video calls.

Rayz Rally Pro is not only highly portable (not much bigger than a smartphone) but also incredibly versatile. It is a speaker (wired and wireless), a microphone, a rapid phone charger, a phone stand and an app launcher, all in one simple package*.

“We are very excited to announce the Rayz Rally Pro today to address the many pain points in typical remote work conferencing scenarios,” said Sydney Newton, Appcessori CEO. “We have worked very closely with the Google Meet hardware team to develop this accessory which delivers a compelling mobile conferencing solution for Google Workspace users.”

"We are delighted to see the launch of Rayz Rally Pro as the first mobile product available under the Designed for Google Meet program, which identifies peripherals that are partner-designed specifically for and to work with Google Meet, augmenting the overall experience,” said Dave Citron, Director for Product Management for Google Meet. “Rayz Rally Pro takes mobile video conferencing to the next-level by tying together video, audio, voice and Google Meet into a delightfully simple and powerful mobile experience.”

Plug and Tap™ enables joining a call in seconds

Rayz Pro features Plug and Tap, a key innovation that allows users to instantly join a call. Joining a Google Meet video call is as simple as plugging in a smartphone and then tapping the Google Meet invite that is automatically launched at plug in.

Optimized for smartphones but universal connectivity

Rayz Rally Pro is optimized for Google Pixel and Apple iPhone* but it works effortlessly with nearly any laptop or tablet via Bluetooth or a USB cable. Rayz Rally Pro for iPhone makes switching to and from Bluetooth mode super easy - simply unplug from the connector and audio automatically changes to Bluetooth audio, re-plug the phone to Rayz Rally Pro and the audio returns to wired mode.

Hardware and App integration enhanced by advanced Digital Sound Processing drive optimized conferencing and music listening experiences

The custom designed speaker and processor deploy proprietary digital signal processing that is loud enough to fill any mobile environment. When the content is a call, the speaker automatically enhances voices for less fatiguing listening. When the content is music or movies the speaker delivers a richer, fuller, sound.

Rayz Rally Pro also hosts a powerful built-in omni-directional microphone and leverages advanced sound processing technology like active noise suppression and automatic gain control to transmit a clear, intimate and natural tone in any call or voice recording.

In addition, Rayz Rally Pro makes toggling between unmute and mute completely seamless with a dedicated “mute button” that lights-up ‘red’ for muted and ‘green’ for unmuted. The ‘mute button’ works with any conferencing or audio app.

Always Available™ Conferencing

Another significant challenge with mobile conferencing devices is keeping the devices charged and available on demand. Rayz Rally Pro supports multiple charging and power modes to enable the “always available” experience.

  •      Rapid Pass-Thru USB Charging: Rayz Rally Pro enables charging of the connected smartphone at the fastest charge rate the phone supports. External power not only charges the connected smartphone but also the Rayz Rally Pro.
  •      Phone Charging from Rayz Rally Pro Battery:Rayz Rally Pro will automatically charge a connected phone from the sizeable Ray Rally Pro internal battery.
  •      Reverse Power from Smartphone to Rayz Rally Pro: Rayz Rally Pro has the ability to continue operation even when the internal battery is fully drained by using a small amount of smartphone battery.


*App and software features may vary by model. Please see website for specific functionality of each model.


**Rayz Rally Pro SP-51 can be used with other USB-C smartphones. Please see website for specific device compatibility.