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Meet Ray, your personal audio assistant

Ray is your Personal Audio Assistant. His job is to help you manage cutting-edge adaptive audio technology in order to achieve the best personalized audio experience for any situation!  

Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Ray makes sure that you'll be able to enjoy peace and quiet no matter where you are by tuning the noise cancellation of your Rayz earphones to the specific sounds of your environment. Whether you're on a plane or in a coffee shop, Ray will identify and reduce the most offensive frequencies to deliver a truly unique and effective adaptive noise cancellation experience.

Hearing Health Optimization

Ray helps you identify your unique hearing needs by guiding you through a simple diagnostic test that reveals which frequencies your ears are more or less sensitive to. Once the test is complete, you can tune your EQ and noise cancellation profiles to accommodate your specific hearing health!

HearThru™ Technology

By using our special HearThru™ technology, Ray measures the sounds of your environment and filters them through your own custom EQ profiles. This allows external sonic details to integrate seamlessly with your internal audio, optimizing your experience for both awareness and listening quality.

Smart Communication

As a traveler and business professional, you'll often find yourself having to jump into conference calls while you're in the middle of an airport or driving to a meeting. As your personal audio assistant, Ray makes it easy with smart voice isolation and mute functionality that recognizes the unique character of your voice to create perfectly clear call quality in any situation.

Customizable Controls

Ray helps you integrate your device seamlessly with your lifestyle with a fully programmable Smart Button! Open your favorite app, mute/unmute calls, or launch the Rayz controls all with a simple press of the button!
Need to go hands-free? Our special "Hey Siri®" function recognizes your voice and passes your commands through to your iOS or Android device directly from your Rayz earphones! When you're not talking, Ray will automatically mute your microphone to ensure that nobody else can activate "Hey Siri®" for you.

Personalized Sound Profiles

Ray makes it easy for you to hear your music just the way you like it. Using the Equalizer, you can design a variety of custom EQ profiles tuned to your preferences! With 10 frequency bands at your fingertips, you'll be able to experiment with a nearly endless variety of mixes until you discover the perfect sound for you.