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Eco-Smart Design and Manufacturing

Our Commitment

At Rayz, we understand that we share a responsibility to help build a more sustainable future. This means aligning our core values and day-to-day practices with the socio-economic and environmental needs of our time. From investing in ethical working conditions to the reduction of our environmental footprint through the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, we honor our commitment to creating a brighter, cleaner world.

Smarter, Sustainable Choices

Respect for our environment and precious natural resources is one of our core values. By structuring the Rayz ecosystem around software development, we are able to continually offer new features and product enhancements without manufacturing additional hardware. By making smarter choices, such as transitioning to water-based inks, sustainable materials for packaging, and the reduced use of fossil fuels during manufacturing, we're minimizing our eco-footprint in every facet of our operations. We continually strive for greater sustainability in our business practices to maintain our contribution to a healthier, greener future!  

Ethical Manufacturing

We understand that building a brighter future means improving the lives of the people in it. For this reason, Rayz has committed to working with manufacturers that believe in this same principle. We are proud to make this investment in human health and dignity.